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Children need to know how much they cost.

Many will lose their jobs in the coming years The modern Russian labor market is alarming. And not only Russian. The number of people who may be left out in the coming years due to the development of technology is very large. All local therapists will go to the garden together because the diagnosis will disappear when the therapist meets us in the hospital and says which specialist we need to go to. Each will have some kind of bracelet or tube where you need to breathe, and the computer will immediately diagnose us and send us to the right doctor. These technologies are already there. They have not yet been implemented everywhere, but they will be implemented. And this will lead to a massive reduction in medical personnel. The same future awaits accountants. We have entered a new technological revolution, and the speed of change that the digital economy entails is rapidly increasing in almost all areas. There is a digitalization of processes. Already, many companies are switching
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How to look for work after a long break

The birth of a child, additional education, caring for a sick relative, owning a business or traveling around the world - there can be many reasons for a career break. However, in most cases, a specialist sooner or later needs to find a new job. The recruiter is a friend, not an enemy Let's start with the bitter truth. The objective reality is this: a job applicant who has not worked for more than six months or, even worse, several years, is in a losing position compared to other candidates in the labor market. Recruitment managers tend to think that such a specialist has partially lost his qualifications, lost useful connections, is not up to date with the latest trends in his professional sphere, etc. Of course, this is not always true, but a person looking for work after a long break is more likely all, you have to face with such stereotypes. However, you should not initially tune in to a stubborn struggle with recruiters. You will find a job much faster if you try to see

If you are recorded in the "flyers" ...

You have compiled a resume in which you described your considerable experience, but recruiters are not in a hurry to invite you for an interview. Why? If you met every New Year at a new workplace, then one of the probable reasons is a too frequent change of work: perhaps the HR manager considered you to be a “flyer”. When time works against you The word “flyer” came to us from the Stalin era: the leader of the peoples proposed to apply rather severe penalties to people who often change jobs, from providing them with housing and food “at a reduced rate” to imprisonment. Of course, today the attitude towards such specialists has changed: recruiters understand that the days of serfdom have passed and in the conditions of the modern labor market, people often build their careers on the principle that “Fish seeks where deeper and people seek better.” And yet, for the recruiter, “flyers,” that is, overly agile specialists, are obviously a losing option compared to more stable candidate

How to find a job for an over-qualified specialist?

You studied at one of the leading universities in the country, worked in large companies in important positions in organizations, have excellent recommendations and are fluent in English ... At the same time, you do not apply for a top position, but for some reason you are looking for a job as an ordinary specialist. It would seem that you are an ideal candidate and any profile vacancy in your pocket. But, oddly enough, you get one refusal from recruiters after another. What is the matter? Apparently, in the eyes of recruiters you have over-qualifications, and this is alarming for many. How to find a job as an over-qualified candidate? What is overqualified? If the term overqualified has appeared in the Russian professional environment relatively recently, then this cannot be said about the phenomenon itself. They don’t like “too literate” workers in our country for a long time, and situations when a candidate is too good for the position for which he claims are quite common. Thi

How to find a job for specialists without experience

You cannot find work without experience, say skeptics. But is that so? What to do when there is education (even if it is not finished yet) and the desire to work, but there is no practice? Advice to young professionals gives the portal Superjob. There are prospects! In fact, you have a lot of chances for employment: according to a survey by the Superjob Research Center, university graduates with no work experience are ready to hire 70% of Russian companies. Among large companies with more than 1000 employees, this figure is even higher - 82%. So do not listen to the skeptics and get down to the search! The earlier the better No wonder they say that more often than not the one who ran faster wins, but the one who ran out earlier. If you are seriously aiming for a successful career, start making it while still a student,if you need a good resume, you can use a resume writing service - . Then, after receivi